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• QUICK BIO: Ace Johnson likes to say he," has lived a full life up to this point". He is a comic, writer, an ordained minister and was once homeless. That's when he decided what he wanted to do. Since h
6/27/2019 2:48:14 AM
Comedy is My Religion
Pompano Beach FL - United States
•  Comedy [Motivational speaker]

• INFLUENCES: Pryor, Lewis Black, DL Hughley, Chris Rock, Ron White

Ace Johnson-Comic, Writer?Actor?Author

Ace Johnson
2351 W Atlantic Blvd 9106
Pompano Beach, Florida



• BIO:
Ace Johnson started his comedy career ten years ago when he was homeless in Atlanta, Ga. When he was homeless you say? Yes! As he would say, “why not?” He found out that the best way to deal with the struggles of life, of which he had a few, was to talk about them. Ace decided he would tell jokes to the only audience he had at the time. Which were passersby and other homeless people. It worked because soon he met someone who offered him a job and a way to get off the street. “I would just start talking and eventually they would laugh so I felt I was on to something".

Ace was told that he needed another outlet for his “therapy”. So, Ace chose to get onstage, at Uptown Comedy Corner in Buckhead, GA., and share his tales of humor to a room full of strangers on Apollo Night. "I had a friend who wanted to do it. I was just going with him because I was too nervous to get up there. The comic Bruce Bruce was the host and he would literally try to crush your spirit! He would pump the audience up so much they just wanted a pound of flesh from every comedian! He would say, “If you can't handle room dammit, don't come up on stage!” as you were leaving after being booed mercilessly! Think Eight Mile but way more ghetto! There were ten slots on the sign-up sheet. Nine slots were already filled, and everyone was too scared to take the first slot. Basically, if you did, you would be the sacrificial lamb that night! So, behind my back, my friend signed my name to that first spot. I went up and had the best two minutes of my life! Unfortunately, I had three more minutes to go!" The audience booed me so hard and so long I was depressed for the next three days. After that I decided that I wanted to have the power to handle the room, dammit!"

Ace likes to share his journey from marriage to thoughts of suicide. Not exactly in that order of course. Soon after that, Ace started traveling the country doing carnival themed shows for The Fun Company out of Atlanta, GA. “They did corporate entertainment, so I traveled hosting their shows for about three years. I decided to leave when my car got repossessed, but that’s another story!”

Since then, Ace has been fortunate enough to be a part of numerous endeavors. He was a writer and comic for a sketch comedy show called Hey!Glory. A short film called "Stuck On You". He wrote two books. One called, "Ten People You Hate" and the other, "My Kids Are Out to Get Me". Ace says," My books are so good their free and my wife still won't read them! Thanks for the support bae!"

Now settled in Miami, Florida Ace’s distinctive perspective on the challenges of life and family combined with a laid-back, friendly delivery help to create a wickedly clever and funny act. His eye for looking at challenges with a positive spirit and love in his heart lets you know he is one of a kind!

Recent Performances (Standup):
World Series of Comedy-Sarasota, Fla.
Just the Funny-Coral Gables, Fla
The Improv- Fort Lauderdale, Fla
The Improv- Miami, Fla
The Improv- West Palm Beach, Fla
Corporate Party- Biloxi, Miss
Punchline- Atlanta, Ga.
Uptown Comedy- Buckhead, Ga.
FunnyBone- Atlanta, GA